September 3, 2016

About Us

Dreamstake Ventures invest capital and expertise into technology startups at pre-seed and seed stage to accelerate their progress to series A.

We strongly believe that technological advances will take our society to new heights. We are at the dawn of a new industrial revolution where the internet will connect real-world machines and devices to work autonomously. This will be drive amazing leaps of progress across all business sectors and in public services such as health and education.

Dreamstake brings together innovative startups, corporate clients, investors and universities to create an eco-system to support exceptional businesses using exponential technologies to transform entire industry sectors.

We identify the best startups from across Europe, working with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, distributed ledger, robotics, autonomous vehicles and genomics and help them to commercialise their ideas. We are agnostic to industry sector but have built expertise in areas such as financial services, fashion technology and health technology.

Our team participate on programmes run by universities, government organisations and large corporations to identify startups early, where we can add maximise value to accelerate them to series A.

The next phase of the internet will be all about partnerships. Big challenges demand a new approach.

We value our community and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.